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Plank Exercise

membership Perks

  • Physiology and Performance Evaluation tested and retested to evaluate composition and performance improvements

  • InBody Composition Scans to evaluate changes to member's body composition

  • Access to Peak Performance PT including fitness journal, extensive exercise video archive, leaderboards, trainer messaging, booking and scheduling, nutrition diary, and much more

  • Calorie/Macro Programming to help improve members nutrition so that that they can achieve a healthy body composition and perform at the top of their game

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One App,
Many Uses

Members will be granted access to or Peak Performance PT App which will vastly improve each clients task of achieving their goals and reaching their peak!

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Personalized Login Profile

Have you own personalized login profile allowing you to store before and after pics, track body measurements, and monitor progression in logged workouts

Online Personal Training

Need to train but you can't get to the gym?
Don't worry we got you covered

Peak Performance App

High performance fitness app where you will have access to a certified trainer via Zoom call and messaging

Calorie Coaching

You will have access to Calorie and Macro programming through your app to get you the best results possible

Personalized Workouts

Custom workouts designed to suit your goals, level of fitness, and equipment available to you

Physical Evaluations

You will have a custom physical assessment to get a baseline of where you're at and will be retested to gauge your success


“Our family is a huge fan of Peak performance! Kris has a passion for helping others and is able to reach people of all ages and stages of health and fitness... that is an amazing ability right there! 
Kris has helped our teenage son shed almost 100 pounds! Kris was able to connect to our teenage son in a way that encouraged him to keep getting stronger without making him feel discouraged or judged for where he was at the beginning. He has so much more confidence and has been able to feel comfortable being himself again and we are forever grateful!

Sara Cox, FL


To enhance your experience with us we partnered with some great companies that provide excellent services that we think will help complement your fitness journey

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Meet the Team

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients whom are seeking to achieve the results they desire. We are here for you any way you need us, whether it's prescribing and supervising custom workouts tailored to your needs, giving advice to help guide you in your health journey, or even just be an ear to listen to you vent about your day. We are here for you to help you reach your peak!


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