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Our Phone App & Its Capabilities

Each paid member will have access to the Peak Performance Personal Training App which is supported by both Apple and Android devices. With access you will be able to book and cancel sessions, purchase online workout plans, log workouts and track progress, and message trainers and other clients. This is just another amenity our clients can utilize to help them reach their peak!

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Username & Password

Once a new member pays for a package and signs their liability waiver/membership agreement they will be designated a username which will be their provided email address followed by a password of their choice.

Booking and Scheduling

Clients we able to book and schedule their workout sessions. You will be able to have full access to your schedule and payment including: booking, canceling, and rescheduling your sessions, as well as changing payment info.

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Clients will be able to directly message their designated trainer if they have questions concerns, or even suggestions. They will also be able to message other clients which can help create long lasting relationships or even to reach out for networking purposes.

Log Your Workout

Each client will be able to use a workout diary to log each completed work out. It has over 250 video demonstrations of exercises in the workout database to better design the perfect workout for each client. You can select reps, sets, time duration, and even rest time for each individual workout plan. Your logged entry will be recorded and saved in the app where it will literally chart the progress of your logged fitness journey. You will earn badges from the app to reward and acknowledge each client for their hard work and consistency in the gym!

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Peak Performance Fitness App
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